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Use of Oils

You may be wondering why anointing oils are used and how they have prophetic significance.  To understand this fully we must recognize prophetic symbolism is found throughout the entire bible.  Let's look at two specific examples; first baptism, then communion.  When we are baptized we prophetically and publicly identify ourselves with the death, burial and resurrection of Yeshua. In this process we use water.  When we partake of communion we use bread and wine to symbolize the body and blood of our Yeshua HaMashiaka.  In the same way when we want to identify ourselves with a particular anointing, prophetic oils can be used.

Following the direction of Holy Spirit is the most important factor in moving into the use of prophetic anointing oils. For your benefit now let me give you a few examples.

You can anoint yourself or anoint others while praying for them. Oils are also used for consecration as someone is being set apart for a particular work in Yeshua. You may consecrate an object such as a musical instrument for the service of the Lord. Henna & Hyssop which represents the application of the Blood of the Lamb is a wonderful oil to use to anoint the door post and lintels of your home. 

Prophetic anointing oils have absolutely no power in and of themselves. They are not magical.  They represent a prophetic declaration of our union with Yeshua and the particular anointing they signify.

To apprehend the fullness of their meaning we have provided a Prophetic Anointing Oil Manual which brings further revelation into the scriptural and prophetic meaning and use of each oil.

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