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His Bride

Prophetic anointing oils are a representation of Yeshua and our union with Him.  As spiritual eunuchs we have been called to help prepare His Bride.  Part of that preparation is to provide you with understanding about the oils which, in turn, will enable you to discover the anointing that is appropriate just for you.

As we look to Esther as a type of the Bride, we find she was first purified in myrrh (representing death to the flesh) for six months.  After this she was prepared in fragrant oils and cosmetics.  This imagery clearly establishes that in order for the fragrance and beauty of our own unique anointings to be released we must fully yield ourselves to the cross.

As the Bride of Yeshua HaMashiaka we are to be united with our Bridegroom King in the likeness of His death and His resurrection.  Some are in a season of preparation where the cross is being applied to every area of their lives.  This is a season to be anointed daily with myrrh.  Others have been through a period of His refining fire and have come through with fresh anointings.  This is a season to be fragranced with the beauty of an appropriate prophetic anointing oil or blend of oils.

We believe that Yeshua is our forerunner, the ‘Pattern Son’.  He has shown us the true way to the Father and He is searching the earth for a Bride who will follow in His footsteps.  Will you turn your gaze to the One whom your soul loves and ravish His heart with a single glance of your eyes?  Will you call for the cold north winds and the soft south winds to blow across the garden of your heart that its fragrance may be spread abroad?

“How beautiful is your love,

My sister, My bride!

How much better is your love than wine,

And the fragrance of your oils

Than all kinds of spices!”

(Song of Songs 4:10)

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