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The Locked Garden

Today, are you struggling with any type of sin issues or character flaws?  If you are, does the ‘accuser of the brethren’ make you feel that you are a disappointment to God?  Does he speak to your heart and tell you that God’s grace has limits and you have certainly crossed the line?  Have you struggled in one particular area over and over again, all the while feeling like a hopeless hypocrite?

Now, let me ask you another question.  In the midst of these trials and temptations what is the posture of your heart?  Are you crying out for God to change you and empower you to overcome these obstacles? If you answered yes, then I have a message for you from your Beloved.

He wants you to know the sin issues you deal with from day to day do not surprise Him and even though you may be discovering a new area of your heart that is compromised, He has already seen it.  He does not agree with your sin but in your weakness, He likes you, enjoys you, and considers you lovely.

The Song of Songs is the message of His heart to you. Through it, you will find that grace and love are a progressive work of His Spirit within you and once apprehended by His ravished heart of love, true joy and peace will be found in your journey.  Along the way you will find a garden, a Kings garden.  It is here you will see yourself the way your Bridegroom King truly sees you but before we journey down to this garden, lets start in the beginning……….

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