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Contains: The Oil of Joy (myrrh, aloes, cassia.) & Almond.

Yeshua 1/3 oz Roll On

  • Yeshua The Light of the World


    The Oil of Joy is the fragrance of Yeshua’s garments and is found in Psalms 45:7-8.  It consists of three biblical botanicals; myrrh, aloes, and cassia.


    In Exodus 25:31-37 the Lampstand in the Tabernacle of Moses is described in great detail.  Made from one piece of pure gold, its appearance was likened to an almond tree in different stages of growth, having buds, flowers, and fruit.  It was fashioned with a central shaft, with three branches on either side, making a total of seven.  Each had a single lamp filled with the finest olive oil which burned continually to illuminate the interior of the Tabernacle.


    Symbolically, the gold of the Lampstand represents Yeshua's deity.  The buds, flowers, and fruit reveal the power of the Lord as Life Bearer and Life Giver.  The seven lamps represent the seven Spirits of God burning before the throne (Revelation 4:5) which speaks of the perfection of our Lord as the Light Bearer and Light Giver.  The olive oil represents the Lords anointing, consecration, and fullness of the Holy Spirit.


    Through this prophetic imagery, we can clearly see how the Oil of Joy and the Almond brings forth the symbolism of Yeshua—the Light of the World.

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