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Contains: Coriander & Fiery Love.

Ketubah 1/3 oz Roll On

  • (keh-too-bah)


    Love Agreement


    Over 3,000 years ago, on the 5th of Sivan (Shavuot),  God gave the Jewish people the Torah on Mount Sinai.  At this time, His word was written on tablets of stone.  Nonetheless, God swore eternal devotion to His people and in turn, they pledged everlasting loyalty to Him.  This is truly a beautiful prophetic picture of God's betrothal to His people.


    As we move forward in time, we find that 50 days after Yeshua ascended, His people once again received His word on Shavuot; only this time it was not written on tablets of stone but upon hearts of flesh.


    In Jewish custom, a ketubah, in essence, is a love agreement that formalizes the various requirements and responsibilities of the groom to his bride...


    herein are the great and precious promises contained in Torah!


    Ketubah anointing oil contains coriander which represents the word of God.  Fiery Love has been added to illustrate the holiness of Gods unending love for us as well as the giving of the Holy Spirit.  This is brought forth in scripture by the tongues of fire which rested upon those who were waiting in the upper room.  What a beautiful anointing to use daily as a 'seal' over your heart and mind; remembering our betrothal to Yeshua our Bridegroom King.  

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