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Contains: Frankincense, Galbanum, Onycha & Styrax.

Incense Oil 1/4 oz

  • In Exodus 30:34 we find four ingredients comprising the incense of the golden altar.  Here we also find the order in which they were prescribed and all were of equal proportions.  The order of the ingredients represents our approach to effective worship and intercession.  Their equal proportions signify total balance in each area.

    Looking at the individual ingredients we see God's order and balance in worship and intercession.  First, (Styrax) we must come with clean hands and a pure heart. Second, (Onycha) we enter into intimacy and agreement with the Word of God. Third, (Galbanum) we remain steadfast, "becoming" His will in the earth.  Fourth, (Frankincense) we confidently worship, interceding before the throne in spirit and in truth......

    'for such people the Father seeks to be His worshippers.'

    Please see styrax, onycha, galbanum and frankincense for further explanation.

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