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Very green, woody-dry, balsamic scent

Galbanum 1/4 oz



    Galbanum comes from the word, cheleb, meaning to be fat, the richest or choice part or the finest. Here is the suggestion (as seen in the fat of the sacrifices) of the holy energy, which Yeshua was devoted to the Father and His purposes.  Yeshua said, “My food is to do the will of Him that sent Me”John 4:34.  Galbanum was also one of the four ingredients in the incense from the golden altar.  It added strength and persistence to the other ingredients. 


    Our portion in this anointing is in our priesthood before God.  As the Levitical priests were commanded to burn incense daily before the Lord, we too must burn our 'spiritual galbanum' daily on our altars of intercession.  Daily we must lay our head upon His breast to hear the passion of His heart and enter into the labor of His love.

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