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Fresh, warm, rich, sweet-balsamic scent

Frankincense 1/4 oz



    Frankincense comes from the word, laban, meaning to make or become white.  In the Tabernacle of Moses, we find frankincense in the meat offering, in the incense burned on the golden altar and also sprinkled upon the showbread.  In each of these places it is the purity of Yeshua and His intercession that becomes the clear prophetic picture.


    Our portion in this anointing is found at the table of showbread.  The bread, typifying the body of Christ was sprinkled with frankincense and was considered man's portion.  This is symbolic of communion.  As we partake of the sacrifice of the broken body of Yeshua, it is the purity represented by the frankincense that is to become part of us.

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