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282 West Main Street

  Hummelstown, PA  17036

  (717) 303 7400

  Office hours:

  Mon-Fri  9am-5pm est

Sweet, warm, woody-balsamic scent

Cedar 1 Dram



    We know from the scriptures that cedar is known for its strength.  David's home, Solomon's palace, and the Temple were all constructed with cedar.  We also find cedar used over the couch, or the bed, of the lovers in the Song of Songs.  This is where intimacy is typified.


    Our portion in this anointing is found in the secret place with our Lord, where we come face to face with our Heavenly Bridegroom.  With an all consuming love He begins to touch us in the deepest levels of our being.  In exchange for our sin and weaknesses He gives us His strength, turning our failures into His glory.  He brings forth His righteousness through restored vessels, so that He alone is glorified.

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