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282 West Main Street

  Hummelstown, PA  17036

  (717) 303 7400

  Office hours:

  Mon-Fri  9am-5pm est

Sweet, woody-spicy scent similar to cinnamon

Cassia 1 Dram



    Cassia comes from the word, qatsa', meaning to strip off, to stoop, to bow the body or to bow the head in submission or courteous yielding to the opinion, wishes or judgment of another.  In preparation for use, the bark of the cassia shrub is first stripped off and then it is ground into a very fine powder.  Here we have a prophetic picture of Yeshua's willingness to be stripped of His deity and yielding Himself to be 'ground down' to the point of death.


    Our portion in this anointing is to come to Him in humility, recognizing our need to be stripped of all that is not of Him.  As we submit to this stripping of our flesh, we in turn are made into His likeness.

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