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Sweet-woody scent similar to rosewood

Aloes 1 dram



    The first significant fact about the Lignaloe tree is it must be at least 30 years in order to be used.  It will not produce oil until this age in its maturity.  This speaks unmistakably of Yeshua coming to His maturity at age 30 in order to be used in His earthly ministry.  Secondly, only lacerating or 'wounding' the trunk of the Lignaloes tree stimulates the oil production.  This lacerating or 'wounding' illustrates His wounding and death.


    Yeshua is set forth as our pattern and we must understand that in order for Him to come to His place of maturity, "He learned obedience through the things He suffered" (Hebrews 5:8).  Our portion in this anointing is to lay down our lives submitting to the discipline and training of the Father.  In this posture He brings us to maturity enabling us to bear fruit that will endure.

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