Anointing Oil Blends

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  • 1 dram    $10.00

  • 1/4 oz      $12.50

  • 1/3 oz      $15.00

Henna & Hyssop

Henna - Blood of Christ

Hyssop - Application of the Blood of Christ

Blood on Hysopp
Almond tree
Incense Oil

Frankincense, Galbanum, Onycha & Styrax

  • 1 dram    $10.00

  • 1/4 oz      $12.50

  • 1/3 oz      $15.00

Crown of thorns on the cross
Oil of Joy

Myrrh, Aloes & Cassia

  • 1 dram    $10.00

  • 1/4 oz      $12.50

  • 1/3 oz      $15.00

Holy Anointing Oil Ewer
Holy Anointing Oil 

Exodus 30
Cinnamon, Cassia,

Calamus & Myrrh

  • 1 dram    $10.00

  • 1/4 oz      $12.50

  • 1/3 oz      $15.00

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Due to Covid-19 all of my suppliers have been under a stay at home order at one time or another; some longer than others. Although most have reopened, a 'trickle down' effect has impacted them as well as their customers.  I am only one of many.  A few of my suppliers that rely on shipments from abroad are back ordered for as long as 6-8 weeks. 

It was an incredible blessing that Hegai Ministries inventory was in good standing before the virus hit.  Nonetheless, over the last few months supplies have continued to dwindle and are now at an all time low.  Due to this we will be closing until we can get necessary supplies and ask that you DO NOT PLACE AN ONLINE ORDER.  If you need something right away please call me at 717-303-7400.  If at all possible, I may be able to fill your request.

I sincerely apologize for any inconvenience this may cause you and pray you will be patient until things can turn around for everyone involved.  Thank you so much for your understanding and continued support.


May you abide securely under the safety of His wings!

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